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Mapaches Family Testimonials

"Los Mapaches has provided a wonderful introduction to school for our son. He loves the experiential approach to learning, especially gardening in the outdoor space. When I pick him up from school, he is always happy and bubbling with stories of the different art projects they did that day. Caye is an extremely open, caring, and patient teacher, and she encourages the children to learn and explore in their own way.” Ellen Bocuzzi

"When I tell my mom-friends about our experience with Mapaches, I always say Caye is a calm boulder in the stream of little-person-chaos. She is so serene and mellow the children follow her gentle guidance with ease. She has created a clean, clear and natural feeling in the children's space and there is plenty of playtime and outdoor access. Every day the children do a craft and they take regular trips to parks. There is just the right amount of structure and flexibility to keep a balance. Caye skillfully guides the children through conflict resolution and models integrity by treating the children with respect and care, helping them move towards independence by supporting their feelings of security and competence. Also, the children are always clearly having fun!" Sage

"Our experience at Los Mapaches has been amazing! My daughter comes home gleefully singing songs in Spanish (that I don't know!), is really really proud of her daily art projects, and loves Caye! Caye herself is a treasure - warm, loving, patient, and the kids really seem to adore her. I honestly can't think of a way that my experience here could be better. " Anne Hastie

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